According to the Portland department of fire and rescue 65% of home fire deaths occur in homes without working smoke detectors. With this in mind it seems that the importance of working smoke detectors is clear, but the fine details here are important and I wish to speak about a few of them. The first is that the alarms need to be installed in everyone bedroom, in the basement, in the attic, in the kitchen, and in the garage. These alarms need to be interconnected in a way that if one sounds, they all sound; this will alert everyone in the house when the first signs of a fire occur. For those who are deaf or hard of hearing there are vibrating alarms and alarms with strobe lights that can also help to accomplish this function. The second point is that you need to have both types installed in your house ( ionizing and photoelectric) as each is more responsive to different types of fires ( the first is better at detecting fires with flame and the second is better at detecting smoldering fires). The third point is that they need to be maintained, which means testing them every month, replacing batteries when the they are low, and replacing the detectors every 10 or so years when they start to become ineffective. Those are the basics, but we encourage you to read the article below which has more use tips and safety precautions.


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Yamhill County Chimney

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