We have spoken about one of the side benefits of putting a chimney caps on your chimney but today I want to speak about the primary benefit which is preventing water damage to your masonry chimney and the metal damper inside of it. When a masonry structure is exposed to prolonged contact with water, that water can penetrate the structure and weaken the bonds of the mortar when it contracts due to freezing and thawing cycles. This often leads to cracks in the mortar, cracks in the brick, and structural instability in the long term.

The water that enters your chimney and comes into contact with the metal damper that many have near the entrance to the fireplace will also cause that appliance to rust over time which can render it inoperable over time and will require some form of replacement as a result. When this water hits the smoke self and mixes with the ash that can accrue in said self it also produces a very unpleasant odor which can flood into your house.

The Chimney cap is an elegant and inexpensive solution to this and will prevent or reduce most of these problems. They can be purchased at many hardware stores in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors to match your chimney and home decor. We can also procure and install them for you at a cost.


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