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Yamhill County Chimney

  • Chimney cleaning
  • Chimney repairs and waterproofing

Oregon Construction Contractor Board License # 193902

Licensed, bonded, insured.

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Mortar joint repair and replacement. Click here for more…

Chimney rebuilding

Click here for more…


Click here for more …

Chimney flashing repairs

Learn more about chimney flasning…

Fireplace damper repair/replace

Learn about fireplace damper repairs and replacement. Click here…

chimney condition report form

Click here to take a deep dive and learn about the various parts of chimney systems. Learn about chimney cleaning procedures.

Chimney rain caps

Learn why rain caps are some of the best and least expensive preventative maintenance measures you can take to prevent damage and animal intrusion into your chimney. Click here…

Stucco work/repairs

Stucco-coated chimneys in our environment can become a disaster if not maintained properly. They certainly will become a disaster if if the stucco applied correctly in the first place!  Click here to learn more…

Client Testimonials

Cliff was amazing! Such great customer service. He was so thorough, and really reassured me that my chimney was safe, clean and based on his inspection, he said everything was installed right. I’ve worried so much about a chimney fire and now my mind is at ease. Thank you so much for your help, good heart and customer service!

Stephanie McKee

(From a Google review)

I highly recommend Yamhill County Chimney after they recently completed a restoration and rebuild on my 80 year old red brick chimney and fireplace. I can’t wait for fall so I can enjoy it!

Pam Love

(From a Google review)

The guys at Yamhill County Chimney are by far my favorite. We had an old wood stove that was not to code. We had them come out and remove that stove and install a new wood burning insert. We did all the ordering of the new unit and installation through them. Their pricing is budget-friendly and they know what they’re doing. They get the job done right. They cleaned out 4 stacks, installed caps to keep the birds from nesting and even did masonry work after getting the new stove installed. I am happy to recommend them for your chimney servicing. They are a top notch company!

Jacqueline Kennemer

(From a Google review)