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McMinnville Chimney Sweep & Repair Service

Call Us Today at (503) 583-0766

We provide chimney cleanings and repairs, and install dampers, and rain caps.  We are 20-year veterans of the trade that provide professional repairs and expert service. See our YouTube channel at YamhillCountyChimney.

If you have a raccoon in your chimney we will not be able to clean it due to the difficulty of properly removing and disaffecting the surface.

Licensed • Bonded • Insured | (503) 583-0766 | Oregon CCB#193902

Chimney Sweep Areas: McMinnville, Newberg, Sheridan, Yamhill, Dundee, St. Paul, Dayton, Carlton

A Professionally Cleaned and Inspected Chimney Starts with Yamhill County Chimney

One of the dangers of owning and operating a chimney is the risk of a fire, which would destroy your home and take away your life. This is due to the buildup of creosote and debris inside of your chimney caused by the burning of wood in your fireplace. Regularly inspections and chimney cleanings are a must for prevention of creosote buildup. Safety for your home and family must come first. This is why you must have your chimney cleaned by a professional chimney sweep service.

Providing Service to McMinnville Oregon Homes

All chimney cleanings include a submitted 29-point safety inspection report. We start by inspecting your fireplace Freestanding wood-stove, or Lined Woodstove Insert ( we do not services unlined woodstove inserts*) and where it is installed. We’ll make sure your fireplace or stove is functioning properly, and if needed, we’ll give advice on any parts that need repair or replacing. Next, we inspect the outside and roof areas of your chimney for cracking, damage or deterioration. Once all inspections are completed we’ll start the cleaning process of your chimney.

Having your chimney serviced has never been easier. We’ll arrive on-time and take care of the job with to upmost care. We’ll quickly and efficiently inspect and remove any soot and debris from your chimney.

Yamhill County Chimney is a company with over 20 years’ experience in the chimney cleaning and inspection business. We’ll give you piece of mind the next time to light your fireplace or wood stove.

*A “lined” wood stove insert is a wood stove that has been inserted into an existing fireplace and has a stainless steel liner (pipe or flexible pipe material) that runs the entire length of the chimney flue and is attached to the exhaust port of the wood stove insert. The wood stove insert does not need to be removed in this situation for cleaning. An unlined insert does need to be removed for proper cleaning.

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